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New U.S. guidance on the planned Russian oil price cap could cause a significant escalation in the energy crisis should Moscow decide […]


mistic remarks by the officials, back from Washington last week after making an urgent bid to ward off the damage contained in the nuclear accord with Iran before the US signs. It is a “bad deal,” they said, but the Biden administration may still be amenable to some adjustments.

Barnea, however, harshly denigrated the deal on the table as “a strategic disaster” when he met a small group of reporters after briefing the Prime Minister and other high officials on the true state of play. Israel’s spy chief, who leads the national intelligence effort, did not use the term loosely. A “strategic disaster” was last mentioned 49 years ago when Israel came perilously close to being defeated in the Yom Kippur War.

In Barnea’s view, Iran is one-to-three months away from reaching a nuclear threshold. The current accord is not much different from the 2015 original and would not stop Iran’s nuclear program reaching its goals by 2026 when the “sunset

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